Freelance Realty - The New Choice


Stephen Ebeling Freelance Realty is Grafton's first virtual real estate office, opening in July 2012.

Created by Stephen Ebeling, a Grafton real estate agent with 32 years experience selling Grafton homes and rural properties. 

So what is a 'virtual' real estate office - it is simply an office without the traditional street frontage.  The office frontage for a 'virtual' real estate office is its internet profile.

The broad acceptance of the internet within our lives now means it is not about the location of an office - it's about the location of the buyer.

Buyers are now doing all their initial research online from the comfort of their home. They do not need to go into the agent's office, thus the traditional street front office is now fast becoming obsolete.

 The Benefit For Vendors

"Moving away from a traditional shopfront office and adapting to this change in buyer habits has enabled me to deliver all the normal agent services and marketing but at a much lower selling fee.

Our selling fee is 2% plus GST for sales up to $350,000.  For sales over $350,000 I reduce our selling fee further by charging a flat fee of $7,700 GST Inclusive.

  Examples of the savings we deliver our vendors:

   On a sale price of $300,000 our selling fee is $6,000  - other agent comparison rates* = $12,000                               On a sale price of $400,000 our selling fee is $7,700 -  other agent comparison rates* = $16,000

* Other local agents are charging 3%  to  4%

Our vendors enjoy a full and complete professional service whilst saving thousands courtesy of our revolution in the agent selling fee." 


Selling with Stephen Ebeling Freelance Realty delivers:

  • Stephen's 32 years experience selling Grafton homes and rural properties.

  • A sensational low selling fee.

  • Marketing harnessing the power of the internet - 3-websites including Australia's biggest property website

  • A full and complete buyer service with: website buyer alerts; email; facebook; blog; telephone; smart phone; and tablet communication. Wherever the buyers are they should be able to view your home.

  • Effective, concise script writing - no puffery.

  • Proven negotiation skills.

  • Accurate market appraisals with current market statistics.

  • Guaranteed consistent feedback and support for the vendor through to and beyond the sale.


Record Sale Achievements - Freelance Realty has achieved the highest priced Grafton residential sale for the past 8 years for a non riverfront property - 101 Breimba Street sold in 2018 for $760,000.  And in July 2020 an all time residential record sale price for Junction Hill - 25 Nairn Terrace selling for $825,000


"For those considering selling, I am happy to provide you with a free no obligation market appraisal and talk to you about the selling process".

Contact:  Stephen Ebeling  -  0437 209147  -   Together we can make a difference