Why Us

Stephen Ebeling Freelance Realty is a brand new real estate office for Grafton, but its creator and owner, Stephen Ebeling, has 30 years experience as a Grafton real estate agent. 

Stephen has embraced the change that the internet has brought to how people now buy and sell real estate, opening Grafton's first 'Virtual Office' in July 2012. 

What is a virtual real estate office ? A virtual office does not have a shop front, its shop front is its internet profile - utilising quality user friendly web-sites including Australia's biggest -


The broad acceptance of the internet within our lives now means the location of the office is not important - it is all about the location of the buyer.


Technology is now so advanced it allows agents to work remotely and connect with their sellers and buyers in a variety of virtual ways - internet; email; facebook; twitter; blogs; smart phones; tablets and so on.

The internet is delivering the overwhelming number of buyer enquiries. Now, from the comfort of their own home, buyers go on-line to do their house hunting.  Once they find something of interest they then call the agent to arrange an inspection - today, very few buyers ever step inside a real estate office.  As a result, it is no longer a must for a shop front office.

"Our high tech office is off street but when we turn our computers we are immediately in contact with seller or buyer wherever they are."

A 'virtual office' has enabled Stephen to deliver a revolution in the agent selling fee

Our selling fee is a flat 2% (plus GST) on sale prices up to $350,000 - for sales over $350,000 we apply a flat fee of $7,700 GST Inclusive

Let's have a look at a few examples of the savings our selling fee will deliver you:

On a sale price of $250,000  approximate other agent rates* = $10,000   -    OUR FEE IS $5,000

On a sale price of $300,000  approximate other agent rates* = $12,000   -    OUR FEE IS $6,000

On a sale price of $350,000  approximate other agent rates* = $14,000   -    OUR FEE IS $7,000

On a sale price of $400,000  approximate other agent rates* = $16,000   -    OUR FEE IS $7,700

* Other local agent normal selling fee range is 3.5% to 4%


Being a 'virtual' office we do not have the traditional shop front office, however, all other traditional agency selling services, property promotion and marketing are available:

  • multiple website exposure for all listings including Australia's biggest property website - 
  • local newspaper real estate guide advertising
  • open house inspections
  • site signs
  • buyer list alerts

Plus you are dealing with a successful local agent with 3 decades of experience.